Pylos: A Υear Οn

iMEdD’s audio documentary, Pylos: A Υear Οn, produced with Solomon and journalist Lydia Emmanouilidou, explores the trial of nine survivors accused of smuggling and tracks key developments and the fates of the survivors a year after the disaster. 

On June 14, 2023, a fishing trawler that had sailed from Libya to Italy capsized about 47 nautical miles south of Pylos. It is estimated that 750 people were on board.

iMEdD’s new audio documentary, Pylos: A Year On, reveals unknown details about what happened in the last hours of the fishing trawler, the exact circumstances under which it capsized, the roles of the Greek and European authorities and the trial of the nine survivors accused of trafficking and causing the shipwreck.

The documentary, produced in collaboration with the independent investigative journalism organization Solomon and journalist Lydia Emmanouilidou, is based on their award-winning investigation, in which the British newspaper Guardian, the German public broadcaster ARD and the non-profit research organization Forensis took part.