Crisis Reporting Resource

Open-Source Mapping of events in Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is a collaborative initiative by Centre for Information Resilience, Bellingcat, Mnemonic, Conflict Intelligence Team as well as the wider open-source community which aims at mapping, documenting and verifying incidents taking place in Ukraine. 

The interactive map depicts geolocations of events, along with related footage and additional information while directly citing the original source. The content is marked with a violence level and the information can be categorized with the use of filters.

Meaning of Pin Colours:

  • Green: Movement and buildup of military assets. 
  • Yellow: Other footage. 
  • Orange: Evidence of gunfire, bombing, shelling or explosion. 
  • Red: Civilian casualties, infrastructure damage and military losses. 

Collaborative initiative :

Centre for Information Resilience 



Conflict Intelligence Team