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In the Ukraine invasion, freedom of press also suffers: a Timeline

As the russian invasion in Ukraine began, so did sanctions that were not only limited to economic impact. Press freedom inadvertently entered a dangerous spiral. Russia has shut off access to western news organizations and passed a new law that criminalizes independent journalism. The west, on the other hand, has blocked entry to russian state-backed outlets considered tools of propaganda. 

This restriction in information flow by platforms, publishers and governments is being documented by researcher Priyanjana Bengani from Tow Center at Columbia Journalism School, along with data about which parts of the world are affected by each. Which media have been blocked? How are social media policies changing? In this analytical timeline global actions are being presented with a direct link to sources, along with the date, origin, drive as well as their final target.

Based on a timeline developed by Priyanjana Bengani

Text: Stefaniya Ibrishimova, iMEdD intern