Special Report: US-China Trade War

In mid-May 2024, US President Joe Biden announced plans to quadruple tariffs on Chinese electric cars. This was just the latest episode in the ongoing trade war between Washington and Beijing. Through interviews with Greek and foreign experts, analyses of geopolitical balances, and examination of the truth behind the numbers, iMEdD attempts to decode what has been described as the “New Cold War.”

What triggered the US-China trade war in 2018, and how has it evolved in the subsequent years? Why are electric cars at the forefront of this conflict, and how critical is control over the microchip industry? Furthermore, why has China’s TikTok, a quintessential entertainment app, become a target of the United States?

All this unfolds while tensions in the South China Sea escalate and the situation over the island state of Taiwan grows more precarious. Russia’s involvement and regional crises across the globe further complicate the equation. iMEdD also seeks to understand history through Beijing’s perspective and to predict future scenarios. Will there be a winner in this conflict, and how will the landscape look after the US elections?