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US-China Trade War: Competing on the Economic Frontline with Dr. Konstantinos Tsimonis

Listen to the interview with Dr. Konstantinos Tsironis, in the “SMALL TALK” podcast series. The interview has been conducted in English.

U.S. trade with China has grown significantly in recent decades, bringing lower prices for American consumers and big opportunities for U.S. businesses in China’s vast market. But since 2018, this once-friendly relationship has turned into a trade war.

We talked to Dr. Konstantinos Tsimonis, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Society at King’s College London and a member of the Institute of International Relations (IDIS) at Panteion University, Athens. We discussed the intricate dynamics of the U.S.-China trade conflict and whether we are witnessing a new Cold War. 

What’s next for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and how do issues like the South China Sea crisis, Taiwan’s strategic importance, and TikTok play into this ongoing conflict?

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