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The design thinking process in journalism

“Now, more than ever, journalists and journalism organizations need to innovate. We need to innovate to find the business models that can enable journalism to be sustainable. If journalism is not sustainable, then our democracies are not sustainable. It’s really that simple”, Director of The Sulzberger Executive Leadership Program at Columbia Journalism School, Corey Ford, says.

In that way, he explains the need that design thinking addresses to, when applied to journalism. He describes this -creative but structured- production process, which is about human-centered ideas and prototype-driven mindset.

Corey Ford was one of the instructors of the module “Business of Journalism” that was part of the Newsroom Essentials Program, which was designed by the Columbia Journalism School and hosted by iMEdD.

This video was produced in the context of that specific workshop, which took place in November 2019. The Newsroom Essentials Program was the first Ideas Zone cycle in autumn 2019.

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