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Middle-East expert Petros Papakonstantinou on what could be next in the Gaza war

100 days since the attack by Hamas and the declaration of war by Israel and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza seems unprecedented.

Dozens of thousands of people are dead and injured (a large amount among them are little children), almost 2 million Palestinians are displaced, the infrastructure is broken in multiple ways and according to the World Food Programme organization more than half a million people are facing famine threat for the following six months at least, no matter what the outcome of the war might be.

Petros Papakonstantinou is a journalist of Kathimerini and one of the most experienced analysts in international reporting (and the Middle East in particular). Listen to him providing useful insight on war ending scenarios, the possibility of an escalation to a Middle East regional war, how much has the stance of the West (and the US in particular) changed, the coverage of war and the journalistic death toll.