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Small Talk: War in Ukraine – How we got to the Russian invasion and what the next day will look like.

On the morning of February 24, Vladimir Putin announced in his speech what everyone had hoped would be avoided: the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Europe, and the entire planet, has since been in a war vortex, not least Greece.

Stratis Trilikis, co-founder and programs director at iMEdD, discusses the multiple dimensions of the war in Ukraine with Dimitris Christopoulos, Professor of Political Science and Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at Panteion University.

They talk: about our era that seems like a boogeyman that generates crises; about the root causes of the invasion and the responsibilities of the West; about Putin’s diplomatic isolation and the hatred he created; about how to create an architecture of peace and security including Russia’s participation.

This episode was created for iMEdD’s podcast section.

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